About Us


David Bowden


Since 1989 when David launched Safety in the Market he has been known as a leading authority on Gann trading. Though many don’t realise he didn’t set out to be a public figure and educator. It was during a visit to the US in the 1980’s when he was attending a trading seminar that he realised how much he had learnt and was compelled to run a seminar, just one, to teach those that were interested what he had deciphered from Gann’s lessons. That seminar, run in Buderim Queensland with just 15 people, was the start of an amazing journey for David. News quickly spread of his understanding of Gann’s teachings and the success he was experiencing in his trading. Soon his phone was ringing with requests from publications to give his opinion on the market. Write ups in Stocks and Commodities and the Research Technology newsletter increased his profile and soon Safety in the Market was born. David will be the first to say that trading has been very kind to him. If you were fortunate enough to attend one of his seminars or catch up with him for a chat he may have told you the story of the time he was so confident of his analysis that he told his wife Pauline to go and find them a new house, which he then paid for in cash from one week’s trading using Time by Degrees.  After a long break from being involved with the business, we are thrilled to have him once again overseeing the growth of Safety in the Market. When he’s not mentoring our team on better ways to teach his methodologies you’ll probably find him working with his mechanic as they restore another classic race car. His car collection is well known in the motoring industry with over 70 cars in his collection. If you are an avid car fan you just might see him at a race meeting here or overseas as one of his rare cars is showcased and displayed for all to enjoy.

Diana Abraham


Heading up the team at Safety in the Market, Diana has a passion for education and ensuring our clients are given the support they need to become competent traders. Diana first met David Bowden in 1995 when she joined the team as Safety in the Market’s Marketing Manager. She will tell you she was there during the heydays, when David ran the business and was later promoted to General Manager in 2001. Leaving the team in 2003 to pursue other business and personal goals she always stayed in touch with David and their friendship has flourished. Seeing a need to reignite the Safety in the Market brand, Diana has worked tirelessly with David to take back control of the brand and bring Safety in the Market into a new era. Diana’s passion for customer service and her desire to see people succeed has driven her to re-create ‘the old days’ of Safety in the Market with a new fresh twist. “I love to see our clients achieving their goals through trading. I love the fact that our clients feel they are part of a bigger community and they know our team are here to help them. It takes work and dedication to be a good trader but if you’re prepared to put in the work, we’ll do all we can to help you get there.”