Active Trader Program

The Active Trader Program has been designed to give you the tools you need to start you on your path to trading success, following a structured plan with clearly defined parameters.

Made up of two courses, the Smarter Starter Pack and the Number One Trading Plan, the Active Trader Program will help you learn how to trade the markets whether they are moving up, down or sideways. You’ll learn to use leveraged trading strategies to increase potential profits and discover powerful tools to protect your capital.

The Smarter Starter Pack

Beginning with the Smarter Starter Pack you’ll learn:

  • A clear and concise explanation of David Bowden’s ABC trading method
  • How to formulate a detailed plan prior to committing your money to a trade
  • How to identify trades with the highest potential for maximum profit
  • How to minimise risk and protect capital
  • Entry and exit strategies and predetermined points to take profits
  • Using real-time trading examples

The Number One Trading Plan


Building on the lessons you’ve learnt in the Smarter Starter Pack, the Number One Trading Plan was designed by David to prepare you for entry into the real markets.  It also includes tests so you can be sure that you thoroughly understand all of the key principles and methodologies before entering the markets.

In the Number One Trading Plan you’ll learn:

  • NOTP_Product_shotThe theory of support and resistance to help you lock in greater returns
  • How to use price forecasting, double tops and double bottoms to significantly improve your trading
  • How to work with ‘ranges’ to widen your view
  • How to stay in a trade for longer
  • Advanced ABC filters, including new rules and techniques for finding the best trading opportunities
  • An advanced ABC filter checklist to help you gauge the strength of the trades you’re analysing
  • Advanced ABC techniques so you can enter more ABC trades earlier
  • Advanced price set-ups to strengthen your foundation for profitable trading
  • Reversal Rules, Gaps and Multiple Chart Tops

The Smarter Starter Pack includes:

  • 328 page hard cover manual
  • Seven lessons on DVD
  • Multi-Media CD ROM
  • Bull and Bear Chart
  • Road Map Chart
  • Trading Plan Sheets
  • Stock / Commodity Score Cards

The Number One Trading Plan includes:

  • 230 page hard cover manual
  • Nine lessons on DVD
  • Dow Jones Chart 1925 – 1946
  • ABC Trading Plan Sheets