Master Forecasting Course

Developed from the lessons taught by David Bowden at his Six-Day Trading Incubators, the Master Forecasting Course brings together how David used a number of techniques in combination. Designed for the trader who has already mastered the Smarter Starter Pack, the Number One Trading Plan and the Ultimate Gann Course, the Master Forecasting Course will take you through the theory and show you how David applied it in his trading and documented forecasts.

Key Highlights

  • Learn more about Time by Degrees and how David trades a Time by Degrees set up
  • Work through lessons on how to use Interim Time Frames in your trading analysis
  • Unlock Gann’s Squares. Learn how David deciphered them and then used them in his trading
  • Explore the Fourth Dimension of Time and Price
  • Learn why David calls the Square of Nine one of his most valuable tools and how he used it in his trading
  • Work through David’s lessons on Long-Term Forecasting and how he used it in his trading
  • Watch David work through his Rating the Market lesson where he shows you how he marks up his charts to allow him to formulate his forecasts
  • Work through the lesson David wrote to teach his eldest son how to implement his techniques using comparison charts



  • 403 Page Manual
  • Soft bound booklets including:
    • David Bowden’s interpretation of Tunnel thru the Air
    • Long-Term Forecasting Study Guide
    • Forecasting the New York Stock Market
    • Stock Market Predictions
    • War Times and Market Moves
  • 16 lessons on DVD
  • Interim Trading Calculator CD
  • Photographs of David Bowden’s original charts including:
    • Swiss Franc Weekly Chart
    • Swiss Franc Comparison Chart
    • SPI Comparison Chart