ProfitSource with SITM Module

$ 985

ProfitSource is a powerful charting package developed by the team at HUBB.  ProfitSource with the SITM Module is a custom built version of the product designed for Safety in the Market students.  This package incorporates the Gann and Safety in the Market tools you’ve learnt about in your courses and allows you to apply them easily to the markets of your choice.

Using ProfitSource with the SITM Module, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyse your charts with ABC Hi-Lites, Time by Degrees, and Time and Price projections;
  • Apply Gann Squares and Boxes to judge the strength and weaknesses in the market;
  • Set up alerts so you never miss a trading opportunity;
  • Calculate Gann Retracements with just a few clicks of your mouse;
  • Apply Gann Angles and Gann Fans with ease.

Do you prefer to work with large form paper charts the way David use to?  ProfitSource with the SITM Module allows you to print large form charts that you can then do your analysis on, without having to spend countless hours hand charting each bar.

HUBB Data just $49.95 per month!

Once you’ve purchased the software, it’s just $49.95 per month to receive 20 minute delayed data on Australian and US Equities and Indices and End of Day data on 60 exchanges worldwide.

Please Note ProfitSource with the SITM Module requires HUBB Data to operate and this involves a monthly fee of $49.95 paid directly to HUBB.  

All technical support for ProfitSource is managed by HUBB and their Technical Support Crew are there to help if you have any questions.

ProfitSource with the SITM Module is only available to students of Safety in the Market.



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