Get Started Trading Webinar

$ 395

Is this your year to shine as a trader?  Then join Aaron Lynch for the Get Started Trading webinar.

During this half-day webinar, Aaron takes you through the processes and routines that you need to put in place now to make 2017 a strong trading year.

Routine and structure come naturally for some, but for most traders, they are hard won. Markets have so much information, dis-information, opinion and choice it’s easy to get distracted and confused about what works for you.

If you’re not sure what you do well, and what you don’t do well, then establishing a routine is critical. Trading success is the constant repetition of what works, having both the science and art side of your trading clearly spelt out will be a big advantage in 2017.

This webinar will also help you establish the difficult and arduous task of writing your own trading plan and that becomes your anchor when the markets become turbulent.  Very apt given the current financial landscape.

If you’ve struggled with where to start, how to select your markets to trade and how to set up your trading routine then this event is for you!

This webinar program includes:

  • The half-day Get Started Trading Webinar;
  • A Q&A Webinar recorded after the event;
  • A bonus Resistance Cards Tutorial; and
  • A Year in Review of the Oil Market recording.

Please note, this event is only available to students of Safety in the Market. 



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